This should take a long time, and should not be expected to meet any particular schedule or completion date. Anyone wishing the process could go faster should volunteer or send proposed content.

Sections covering radios related to inductees will generally be developed first. For other manufacturers/systems we start with a single photo or advertisement. For larger, better-known manufacturers/systems only photos are presented initially. For the others we were able in most cases to provide at least some additional background information from the outset.

A single advertisement, for example, yields a wealth of information. Among other things, it places the product in historical context, provides its date, pricing and descriptive details, an indication of how large or sophisticated its sponsor was and a sense of the dream it was designed to fulfill. A series of ads can chart the course of a system through its commercial and technological life cycle.

Past tense: Website references to individuals are generally in the past tense. This is not intended to denote they are no longer living or no longer accomplished in the way specified. Past tense avoids having to revise text when individuals pass away and is considered appropriate for these histories since they are by their nature all about what happened in the past.


You are welcome to submit pictures and text of items we lack or where you have a better or different example. If there are a substantial number of submissions this may become a special section of the website.