The initial inductions will be made pursuant to a theme, rather than randomly, chronologically or in order of importance (See Induction Rules above). The theme of the first inductee class is proportional pioneers and the Third Dream of Radio Control.

The origins of proportional reach back much earlier than this first class of inductees. Earlier proportional involved “Kicking Duck”, “Galloping Ghost”, TTPW and other pioneering systems each of which is deserving of honor in its own right. However, for practical purposes, the first class of inductees is limited to those with commercially – offered, full house, non-interactive proportional systems. There were (primarily) three (ACL will be covered later):

1. Space Control
Zel Ritchie
Hershel Toomim

2. Sampey
Harry Sampey

3. Quadruplex
Don Brown
Carl Schwab

Second Inductee Class

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Inductees are not movie stars, but they deserve their name in lights for their starring role in RC Development and History. Click on any name for that individual's tribute.


Nominations may be made by the means specified under “Contact Us”. Nominations may be submitted at any time. Given the small, volunteer nature of this effort it is not known how often inductions will be made, but it need not be every year.

All decisions as to inductees will be made by the site’s organizers unless or until a more formal organization is established.

Nominations need not necessarily be made, and selections will not be made, in order of importance. We seek to avoid arguments and hurt feelings by scrupulously avoiding any ranking or “pecking order” of inductees and by deliberately deferring until future years a number of “obvious” individuals who we believe to be in the very top tier by any standard. Did you know that both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were not included in the first class of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees or even in the second year?

Nominations and inductions also need not be in chronological order. An individual whose work occurred in the 1960’s, for example, may or may not be inducted before a figure from the 1950’s.