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Space Control One

Zel Ritchie’s Personal Space Control

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Whatever plane the President of the United States flies on is designated “Air Force One”. Whatever Space Control the President of Space Control Corporation flies may similarly be called “Space Control One”.

This was Zel Ritchie’s last Space Control. He turned this over to Orbit Electronics along with all assets and rights of Space Control Corporation in 1963 when Zel went to work for Orbit. This is the only documented Zel Ritchie Space Control we know of. It was rescued from its glass display case in Orbit’s front office by a senior Orbit employee after Orbit closed unexpectedly on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1975.

We do not know if this was the Space Control Orbit engineers used for reference and reverse engineering to produce Orbit’s first proportional systems. It may well have been so, and then could also be viewed as the Mother of all Orbit Proportionals.

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